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Unveiling Sulfo Rwanda's Journey

Our Commitment to Excellence, Sustainability, and Community Empowerment

Sulfo Rwanda Industries is one of the largest fast moving consumer goods manufacturing companies in Rwanda. It was established in 1962 by Mr. Tajdin H. Jaffer and Khatun Jaffer. At that time, Sulfo Rwanda Industries was the only industrial soap producer in Rwanda.

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Our Products

We build successful, lasting, profitable products

Revitalize Your Senses with Every Use

Delight in our collection of premium personal care and household products, each uniquely formulated for superior performance and sensory pleasure. Indulge in our rich, cocoa-infused skin moisturizer and our vibrant, citrus-scented liquid soap, perfect for refreshing and nourishing your skin. Keep your spaces impeccably clean and hygienic with our powerful, eco-friendly all-purpose cleaner. And for that finishing touch, our zesty, lemon-flavored talc powder offers soothing skin protection. Embrace a blend of natural luxury and everyday practicality with our carefully curated range.

Our Products

Meet Our Team: The Heart of Innovation and Quality

Behind Every Product, A Story of Passion and Expertise

Our team’s diversity in skills and backgrounds is our greatest strength. Together, we’re more than just a company; we’re a community committed to bringing you products that enhance your daily life while caring for the world we all share. Join us on this journey of discovery and indulgence, where every product tells a story of passion, care, and commitment.

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Empowering Commerce: Trading for a Sustainable Future

Navigating Prosperity Through Ethical Trade and Innovation

Sulfo Rwanda Industries is one of the leading companies involved in trading & market development activities. We are involved in trading activities in various products such as:

  • Bitez and Urban Bites by Norda ( Corn Chips)
  • Cussons (Pz Cussons personal care products)
  • Tyres
  • Batteries
  • Liquid petroleum Gaz
  • Cooking range Imported FMCG Products
Amanda Johnson
Amanda Johnson@amandajohnson
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Sulfo Rwanda's products are a game-changer, combining quality and sustainability effortlessly.
Mark Robinson
Mark Robinson@markrobinson
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An exemplary commitment to eco-friendly practices makes Sulfo Rwanda a brand I trust for a cleaner, greener future.
Sarah Nkusi
Sarah Nkusi@sarahnkusi
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Exceptional products and a dedication to community well-being—Sulfo Rwanda stands out as a socially responsible leader in the industry.
Our Products

Your Trusted Source for Premier Tyres and Batteries

Importing and Distributing Leading Brands for Peak Performance on Every Road

At your service for excellence in driving, we are your trusted source for premier tyres and batteries. With a commitment to quality, we import and distribute leading brands that ensure peak performance on every road. Experience driving at its best with our range of top-notch products tailored for your journey.

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