Integrated Management System Policy

Quality, Occupational Health & Safety, Environment and Food Safety (QHSEFS)

SULFO is in the business of manufacture and/or distribution of a diversified range of FMCG products for Personal care and products for common household use, Packaged Drinking Water, General trading in selected items, products and services. In the multi-business context of SULFO, corporate strategies take into account the application of sound management principles to all facets of our business operations including Quality, Occupational Health & Safety, Environment and Food Safety
SULFO shall strive for excellence in all our business activities consistent with the best recognized practices in the respective fields while ensuring sustainable financial returns to shareholders. Understanding of our customers, responding swiftly to the business and external imperatives of our customers, emphasis on quality, dynamic innovation and diversification of our products and services are important steps in this drive for excellence.SULFO is, therefore, committed to:

➢ Conducting its operations with due regard for the protection of the environment, pollution prevention, resource efficient cleaner production and waste management.

➢ Providing safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of work-related injury and ill health.

➢ Eliminate hazards and reduce risks related to OH&S.

➢ Satisfy applicable requirements and mutually agreed Customer requirements including those related to Food Safety.

➢ Consultation and Participation of workers, workers representatives in a meaningful and effective manner, considering their view points in any decisions that may affect their health, safety, welfare at work and environment.

➢ Comply with all applicable legal, regulatory, statutory and other requirements, and strive to exceed benchmarked standards, whether regulatory or otherwise.

➢ Continual Improvement of the of the Management systems

In order to achieve successful implementation of this policy we will address

     • The need to ensure that competencies are available for Food Safety and other Management Systems.

     • Communication with our employees, customers, suppliers, other stakeholders and interested parties and keep them informed in a timely manner on relevant issues.To support and meet above commitments, guidelines shall be laid down by the Management to build on the framework for laying down objectives and targets related to Quality, Occupational Health and Safety, Environment and Food Safety. All workers shall have responsibility with regard to their personal safety and that of others. Any issues regarding safety shall be reported to the designated persons immediately.

The various department/unit heads shall be responsible for implementing the management system in line with this policy including formation of various teams and designating individuals for specific responsibilities in respect of their department/unit.
Apart from publicizing this policy in our website and communicating the same through internal notifications specifically to all our employees, contractors and sub-contractors, it will be available to the public upon request.

The ultimate responsibility of the integrated management system shall rest with the top management.

H. Dharmarajan

Managing Director